Denon MC6000MK2 DJ Mixer and USB Controller


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Product Description

Denon DJ’s flagship pro DJ controller and digital mixer for the most discerning of contemporary club and mobile DJ’s! The MC6000MK2 features a slimline, table-top steel chassis and a 4 channel/8 source real-time matrix operational digital mixer with an uncompromising 24-bit, class leading digital and analog audio interface. The included Serato DJ Intro (upgradable to Serato DJ) and fully MIDI compliant design allows the MC6000MK2 to work right out of the box via supplied or created mappings.

The MC6000Mk2 enables dual-deck functionality, opening up the creative possibilities of 4 deck mixing to all, with the unit’s top panel placing the all important transport, pitch, EQ, loop, hot-cue/sample, navigation and FX controls ergonomically positioned to ensure optimal, error free live performance. Take advantage of the video mixing features of the optional Serato Video plug-in to program, mix, add transition FX and scratch video just as they would with audio.

Denon MC6000MK2 DJ Mixer and USB Controller Features

  • 4-Channel, 4-Deck, 8-Source Premium Digital Mixer

  • Includes SeratoDJ Intro (2-Deck) and Optimized for Serato Video

  • Also compatible with: Virtual DJ Pro, Traktor Pro2, MixVibes Cross

  • Slim Tabletop design for Mobile DJ portability

  • Intuitive 4 deck control, with independent deck buttons (for Serato DJ w/upgrade)

  • Included USB Audio Interface (Soundcard) 2in/2out (stereo)

  • Denon’s original, X-F Link Audio/Video Assignable cross-fader function (for Serato Video w/upgrade)

  • High resolution 105mm Touch-Sensitive Jog Wheel

  • Smooth 60mm long Pitch Slider with high 14-bit resolution

  • File browse navigation keys and rotary encoder file selector knob w/illuminated ring

  • 4 + 4 Hot Cue/Sampler buttons w/ bank selector key

  • Auto/Manual Looping w/Loop Adjust and ROLL

  • Censor and Slip features

  • 3 EFX adjustment Knobs with on/off buttons and Beats Knob selector

  • Powerful Shift Key – used for various dual button operation

  • Denon’s legacy ‘Pitch Bend’ keys

  • Vinyl on/off button

  • SYNC key for beat matching between decks

  • Key Lock on/off button

  • Filter/Video adjustment knobs with on/off buttons

  • High quality, high output Headphone Amp

  • 45mm Channel and Cross Faders

  • Independent Channel A-B Thru Switch (crossfader)

  • Cross Fader contour adjustment

  • Independent 3-Band Channel EQ w/Kills (High-Mid-Low)

  • XLR Balanced and RCA Unbalanced Master Output

  • Master Output Stereo/Mono switch

  • Booth Output w/Source Selector and level control

  • 2 Mic Inputs (XLR and 1/4 TRS)

  • Mic 3-Band EQ (High-Mid-Low) for Mic 1 and 2

  • Mic Ducking and Built in Echo Effect for Mic 1 and 2

  • Denon DJ ‘Professional Grade’ Steel Construction

  • Kensington lock terminal to prevent theft

  • AC adaptor powered

  • MAC OS X 10.6 or later, Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 Compatible

Operated as a fully functional DJ software controller or as a stand-alone digital mixer, the MC6000MK2 accommodates a multitude of connectivity options to suit a DJ’s preferred workflow. Table top CD and Vinyl decks, plus auxiliary input sources can easily be integrated, with USB audio input routing adding even more flexibility. During fast-paced, demanding live performances, the real time channel matrix control of the MC6000MK2 ensures fast and efficient DJ hand-overs too. The logical, illuminated control layout and almost transparent accessibility of the MC6000MK2 gives DJ’s the confidence that all faders, dials and buttons are exactly where they need to be. The top panel ensures maximum ease and efficiency when controlling Serato Intro, allowing access of such ‘on-trend’ DJ performance modes as ‘Roll’, ‘Sensor’ and ‘Slip’. Instant screen view preferences like Serato’s ‘Panel’, ‘View’, ‘Area’ and ‘List’ can also be selected with individual buttons and in addition, with the MK2 unit’s, now four, independent deck layer keys, fast accurate deck/track selection is guaranteed.

The ability to record and playback a set is becoming more and more important in the current world of DJ fan-base social media sharing. The MC6000MK2 effortlessly accommodates this necessity with its Line 3/4 Thru to PC Mode, for both Mac and PC computer recording. Classic ‘Vinyl’ emulation is also popular during live performances and likewise, the MC6000MK2 makes this mode available, via high-resolution platters at the touch of a button. Additional control features are added to this new and improved unit, bringing Beats Parameter knob (dedicated for controlling beat attributes), FX Tap Button (to add BPM data), FX Mode Change and now 8 Assign keys for fluid and comprehensive effects control. The MC6000MK2 ensures pro resolution to the demands of a wide range of DJ’s, offering dual balanced mic inputs (with independent echo FX and EQ) for those who like to ‘rock a party’ with their voice and personality. Uncompromising professional balanced and non-balanced audio outs ensure source sound quality is world class, whether the DJ is playing a live radio gig, small house-party or a large festival stage! Also, being a 100 percent, fully MIDI compliant controller, the MC6000MK2 is literally unlimited in its ability to partner alternative DJ software solutions, natively supported by Serato DJ (full version), Virtual DJ and Mixvibes Cross. Denon DJ supplied mappings ensure compatibility with Native Instruments Traktor Pro2 software.

Denon MC6000MK2 DJ Mixer and USB Controller Specifications
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 18.1 x 2.0 x 11.1 inches without rack ears
  • Weight: 9.2lbs
  • denonDJ_
  • DEN DNMC6000MK2_Rear2
  • DEN DNMC6000MK2_Front
  • DEN DNMC6000MK2_1
  • DEN DNMC6000MK2_1
  • DEN DNMC6000MK2_Front
  • DEN DNMC6000MK2_Rear2
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